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Why Us

A successful Real Estate firm is generated through people and relationships, and Trust. At Baxa Property Services we pride ourselves on having a passionate, enthusiastic and professional team, all whom are committed to providing the best in customer service to our clients, and to produce results that you can rely on.

Buying or selling we can help you with the following:

  • Legal Practitioners – for drafting of contracts and other legal information

  • Conveyancers – to finalise transfer of your property and all relevant paperwork

  • Tradespeople  – to help sell your home with light make overs to make your property look its best.

With Baxa Property Services all our creative team is in-house to help sell your home better. With dedicated designers, photographers, and content writers on staff, as well as an interior decorator to help stage your home, for no extra cost, why rely on an agent who will do a less than perfect job?

With such a team behind the scenes, Baxa Property Services can vastly increase your sale margin, as you are working with an agent who not only buys and sells our own properties, but places himself in your shoes to ensure we can be as forthright about your potential and expectations.

Why settle for less? Call Baxa Property Services today.

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